The use of amber in door fittings. Examples of solutions

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Amber is a precious raw material that most people associate with the Baltic beaches. It is not only beautiful, but also has many valuable properties. It is a natural air ionizer, as negative ions beneficial to the human body are present in it. In addition, it also contains minerals, for example, iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium. Amber is a unique jewelry accessory, the popularity of which is not decreasing. However, not everyone knows that it can also be used as part of various room furnishings. In today's post we will discuss what is the use of amber in door fittings.

Why use amber in door handles?

Due to the valuable properties and unusual appearance of amber, the raw material is readily used to make various decorative elements for homes and apartments. Amber sink faucets, luxury furniture handles or amber paintings are just some of them. This valuable raw material can also be used in the production of amber door handles and knobs. Such a product is unique and natural, so it is sure to delight not only residents, but also guests.

Thanks to the fact that the handle body is made of metal and the amber is permanently mounted, the handle is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also durable, so it will serve for many years. The uniqueness of such a handle is also influenced by the fact that the decoration is made by hand. Using such door fitting, you can add warmth and character to the interior. It is also worth mentioning that the fashion for amber does not pass away - it is timeless, which makes the interiors elegant.

What rosettes to choose for amber door handles?

For elegant handles with amber, it is worth matching the rosettes to the handles. This is an element that is worth paying special attention to, so that the door gets a unique and at the same time consistent appearance. The best choice will be square rosettes, which can be chrome or satin. Such a set will make the interior of your home, office or luxury hotel look elegant and at the same time unique.


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