How to take care of amber products?

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Amber products are always in vogue. And it is not only beautiful, timeless jewelry, but also all sorts of interior design elements - such as lamps, furniture handles or doorknobs, which are decorated with this one-of-a-kind stone. However, if we want to enjoy amber products for a long time, we should take proper care of them. So what should be done so that they always look like new?

First of all, what is worth knowing about the care of amber products?

Regardless of whether we have jewelry with amber or various accessories made of this stone, we should remember to clean them regularly. And this is because amber, unfortunately, tends to tarnish. It can also accumulate dust or other types of dirt on it. Fortunately, its care is not difficult or time-consuming. It is enough to remember a few important points.

First of all, amber products should not be soaked in water, as they are susceptible to moisture and this can make the stones dull. To take care of them, use only a cloth made of soft, delicate material, so that no unsightly scratches will form on them. Amber can be cleaned both dry and wet. However, be sure to add a little soap to the water beforehand and squeeze the cloth well, and only then wipe the stone. If amber products are already heavily contaminated and dull, then we can use spirit for their care, or an ammonia-based solution. It is also worth paying attention to the proper storage of jewelry with this stone. It is best to keep it in a closed box, which will prevent dirt from settling. You should also remember to avoid spraying it with perfume or other cosmetics when wearing it.


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